Here I am.  I have an intention to write a weekly blog.  I  hope to fill it with exciting and inspirational insights into Spirituality and daily living.  This is new for me, but setting a good intention is the first step towards achieving any goal.


Spirituality has always fascinated me.  Even when I was little I always wanted to know more.  I was blessed with parents who had a diverse group of friends and family.  They allowed me to explore a variety of different religious perspectives growing up.  I had plenty to read and could go to Services and Sunday School with anyone who invited me.  I can not tell you how many Sunday School classes I was asked please not to come back to.  I asked all the wrong questions.

I have come to believe that Spirituality is experiential.  It is about our personal connection with the Divine, and therefore unique.  Religion is simply a means to attempt to share that highly individual and personal experience with others.  The language and structure of religion provides a framework to both validate and limit that personal experience.  And limits are not all bad.  Fascinating as it may be, I certainly wouldn’t want to live in HP Lovecraft’s Spiritual experience.

I don’t believe in “one right way” or that I have all (or any) of the Answers.  I do work at being open to the experience of the Divine in my day to day life.  I find that when I am attending to being present in the moment with the Divine, synchronicity happens.  I find that if I send clear intentions to the Universe and am responsive to the opportunities that present themselves I can manifest my desires.

Currently, my desires are to speak and write about Spirituality and the Spiritual experience.  So here I am, committing to write a weekly blog and hoping to find people who are interested to share it with.  If that’s you, please comment and subscribe.  If it’s not, thanks for checking it out.


About lisaspiral

I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. Nicely written. I too was asked to not come back to church so I get that part, I was told I asked too many questions, they just didn’t know the answers and had an issue with saying I don’t know.

  2. TheresaAnderson-Kentner

    I look forward to more columns. I, too, have always asked the wrong questions, but I don’t think that will surprise you at all.

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