I had the beginnings of a lovely posting set to go out on Monday 2 January, 2012.    But……….

New Years Eve day I was quietly sitting watching a British BBC  production (White’s) on my laptop.  I was juggling my breakfast, a large cup of tea, and keeping an eye on Orion eating his breakfast.

Something happened.

At this point I don’t remember if it was the phone chiming in with a text message, or Orion asking a question, or a timer going off in the kitchen.  It could have been any or none of those things.  It could have been the cat jumping up or a cramp in my leg.  Whatever it was, I moved.

And the entire world shifted.

The end result was that pretty much the entire cup of tea ended up poured over the laptop keyboard.  Crash!

So you are getting a post with no pictures, no editing and very little prep. because I no longer have a functional computer.

The nice people at the Apple store started quoting me prices on water damage repair that started at $750 with no guarantee of success.  Since I don’t  have anything backed up externally (I know and I’m crying) any repair could require dumping all the data unless I paid additionally to back it up before they sent it in to the shop.  Given what the tech had already seen I needed a new board, a new box and if there was anything else the repair shop would probably deem the computer a total loss.

Theoretically they could do the data transfer on site before they sent the computer into the shop.  In order for that to happen I would need to purchase a remote hard-drive.  Additionally I would pay the data transfer fee, cover the costs of anything extraordinary needed to transfer the data, and of course the inevitable sales taxes.  I quickly began to see the costs of repair as nearly equivalent to starting over with a brand new machine (with a brand new warranty.)

Sadly, I did not receive $1500 in holiday loot.  (Didn’t expect to.  I thought $50 was nice.)  So I am starting the New Year with an unanticipated debt and hopefully a new computer with all of my old data.  There is still no guarantee that the data will transfer uncorrupted as the old machine is severely corroded internally.

I am asking for prayers and good wishes that by the end of the week I might be up and running again.  I have photos and files on that old machine that I would really, really hate to lose.

May Hermes, God of Communication (and in this era electronic data), look kindly upon all of us in 2012.


About lisaspiral

I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. Ugh. My machine crashed this summer with a similar result. So, so sorry for your loss.

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