I realize that the more I write the more likely I am to attract trolls.  You know, those gruff insulting comments that really don’t have anything to do with what you’ve actually posted.  The kind of comments that promote a world view or an agenda that is so opposite of the point you want to make that you wonder why (or if) they even bothered to actually read the post.

Trying to be cute, but still a troll

I don’t mind “allowing” commentary that’s critical when it is thoughtful, to the point and not loaded with derogatory, demeaning or threatening remarks.  I have let through several comments that question my intention or direction.  I pretty much let anyone who has commented continue to do so without a filter, but reserve the right to screen new posters.  I filter, but pretty lightly.   I do have a much heavier “filter” on older posts than I might on current ones.

I find it incredible when someone who has never posted suddenly sends a “how could you be so horrible” comment about a blog post that’s over a month old.  What did they do?  Go scanning through all the posts looking for something to get pissed about?  Not worth my time and energy and not worth adding, at that late date, to the commentary.  Although I do recognize new readers will sometimes look through back posts, especially if something catches their eye, the conversation has mostly moved on.  On the other hand I always appreciate someone commenting just to let me know they’ve looked and what they thought.  I read all the comments.

I do appreciate WordPress for their spam screen.  They do a pretty good job of cutting out the viagra ads and the please send money contingent.  Occasionally though I still find a reasonable comment in my spam file.  Somebody who clearly read the post and is maybe not quite as glib, or as accurate a typist, as they might like to be.  Not everything that looks like a troll is a troll.

I try not to be a troll myself when I post on other people’s blogs.  My dear internet  friends and fellow bloggers, the ones I read regularly, don’t deserve trolls any more than I think I do.  But I know that sometimes when I zip off a comment before coffee or on the run I can be a little careless with my phrasing.  A comment that I think is just a funny tease could be offensive.  I can be a little short and seem judgmental.  I can mean to cheer someone on and instead come off critical and negative.

Luckily those bloggers I read and comment on regularly have enough sense to ask, “What did you actually mean by that?”  The advantage of regular reading and commenting is that you do get a feel for where the other person is coming from.  It makes it easier to allow for the possibility of a misunderstanding.  My blogging comrades have heard enough from me to guess that I probably didn’t mean to be gruff.

It’s harder with that first comment to spot where the controversy originated.  Is it in the mind of the poster, or is it how I’m reading the comment?  Did the poster misread the blog or is there really something there in that nasty comment that is worth examining?  As welcome as the praise and encouragement may be it is often the critiques that we learn from.

The blog is such a varied and personal media that it really doesn’t warrant directed and demeaning criticism.  Someone can have a different point of view.  There should be room for discussion and expansion.  But when someone is writing about “this is the way I see and experience the world” there really isn’t anything to argue about.  What they write is the way they see and experience the world.  It might be different than the way I see it, which makes for an interesting line of comments, but where is the argument?  Can’t we both be right given our perspectives?  Can we at least have a discussion rather than reverting to being trolls?

About lisaspiral

I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. There’s a reason they are called “trolls”.

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been getting some of those comments. And I can guarantee you’ve come nowhere close to troll comments on my blog, even before the Folgers has brewed. Those of us who read regularly love you and give you the benefit of the doubt, no matter what.

  3. *snicker* Some things just don’t change.

  4. I’ve had snide comments from one blogger. She’s even blogged about me a few times. I never commented on her posts about me, nor did I ever post about her, although she’s labeled me as passive-aggressive for one post I made that she felt was about her. I guess she doesn’t understand she’s not that special to me where I’d dedicate a post to her. She even asked me on someone else’s blog in the comment section why I didn’t visit her blog anymore. Go figure…

  5. First, really enjoyed this post. Have had a few trolls myself–although surprisingly not too many as could be expected in four years. My first thought was: my daughter just discovered her childhood box of trolls when she was home. She loved looking at them again with their wild hair. Sometimes it’s so hard in written language to make sure we’re coming off how we’re feeling. That we’re not being too abrupt. I like what you said about having a discussion and finding a way to communicate without being trolls. With our unique perspectives, sometimes that’s going to take repeated engagement. Thanks, Lisa.

    • You’re such a sweetheart, Kathy, it doesn’t surprise me that the majority of your trolls look like the one in the picture. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. I like the way your troll has bright shiny hair! It looks like an aura. (And it’s smiling so sweetly.)

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