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My neighbor across the street had a near miss.

My neighbor across the street had a near miss.

I participate in a weekly podcast once a month.  I’m one of the priestesses on The Priestess Show on blogtalk radio.  I was scheduled to be on this last Friday, the summer solstice, to talk about the solstices and different solstice practices.

Minneapolis was hit (the second time that day) by a major storm.  It came in about 20 minutes before the broadcast was set to start and I lost power.  (Me and apparently 2/3 of the metro area!)  Watching out the window it looked like a hurricane, the rain was that heavy and the winds were that strong for over 20 minutes.  We’ll get 5 minutes like that here and there but a full on beating for that long is pretty unusual here.

This neighbor was also lucky

This neighbor was also lucky

Although many people have power back, my neighborhood and many others are still without power and may be even beyond Wednesday this week.   I didn’t lose any trees, but there are huge blow downs all over town.  There are plenty  of trees on power lines in my neighborhood.  Luckily most of us got on better than the folks documented in our Local Star Tribune.

I’m grateful that I have enough experience “roughing it” that losing power isn’t a huge hardship for me.  I have a gas stove, so whatever food I’ve kept cold I can cook.  My city water is still running, and running hot as my hot water heater is also gas.  I have plenty of candles and flashlights and lanterns and oil lamps.  I’ve even been going to bed at a relatively reasonable hour.  I need to.  Sleeping without the CPAP isn’t exactly restive.

You can't really tell, but that tree isn't on the ground because it's hanging on the power line from the pole

You can’t really tell, but that tree isn’t on the ground because it’s hanging on the power line from the pole

I’m also grateful to my good friends who have had their own power restored.  They brought over a generator last night so I could plug my freezer and refrigerator back in.  Thankfully I managed to keep things shut up enough that I didn’t lose much food!  I even plugged in last night and got some decent sleep.  Priorities you know.

Internet access is an additional bonus and a catch 22.  I really like being able to be back in touch with the world at large.  On the other hand I am very much aware of how much more I get done when I’m not spending the day surfing the web.

The noise and gassy smell from the generator is hard to put up with, but much better than no refrigeration.  The fact that while the generator is running I’m pretty well tied to the house is not that much different from my normal life.  Small adjustments and lots of gratitude.

It is sad to see the loss of so many old trees.  It’s hard to watch the friends and neighbors whose homes were damaged.  There are worse things than being without power.

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Enshrined, such a static verb.  When something is enshrined it’s being put away, in a sacred space, to be there forever.  Tucked away, but not forgotten.  When something is enshrined it can change the space that it’s in.  It’s like the shrine becomes a fountain of sacredness that radiates out into the room, or the temple, or the universe.

Maybe that’s the reason it’s so nice sometimes to just sit surrounded by the sacred, by shrines.  It doesn’t take much.  Most hospital chapels are pretty barren, but they provide a space of peace and reflection.  Great cathedrals are filled with shrines and side altars and sacred objects.  There are spots in many of them where it seems like all the shrines are vie-ing  for attention.  Where it’s a “noisy” rather than “peaceful” sacred, but in a “fill you up” kind of way.  Nature makes shrines, special places tucked away where the sacred seems to pool.  Shinto shrines acknowledge this and foster it.

My women’s group got together this week.  For our monthly ritual we made shrines.  We each chose a word and created a shrine around it.  We ended up in a circle of shrines to beautiful things we would like in our lives.  When we finished construction we walked together around the circle of shrines and then sat in the center and just soaked up the sacred.  It was really nice.  Sitting among all those shrines, fountains of sacredness gushing out attributes of tranquility, and joy, and wisdom, present/patience, receptivity and prosperity.

The active form of enshrined (as per LisaSpiral): being in a space surrounded by shrines.  Stepping into the sacred and allowing yourself to be present with it.  Opening one’s awareness to the sacred and soaking it in.

So I thought I’d share.  Please spend some time today surrounded by blessing given in love.














Many of my earliest image postings were clip art.

Many of my earliest image postings were clip art.

This is my 100th post on this blog!  That may not seem like such a big deal, especially for those bloggers who are writing something every day.  But I’m posting once a week, which means it’s been almost two years of posting on WordPress.  I’ve made mistakes and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn.

I still have to get a handle on the whole writing process thing.  I find myself making amazing misspellings and bad uses of there’s and it’s ( inevitably pointed out to me by my readers).  I know how to use these words, but apparently my fingers don’t care when I type.  I don’t always catch it in editing, especially when I’m a little sleepy or rushed to hit ‘publish’.  I’ve had to learn the discipline of meeting the weekly commitment .  (Sometimes a day late, but still….)  I’ve worked hard at learning to be open and authentic both with the personal posts and when I am posting about a larger event.

One of my most popular posts was inspired by a book I read about Great Apes.

One of my most popular posts was inspired by a book I read about Great Apes.

I’ve been disappointed in my expectations.  Who knew that hundreds, no thousands of readers who would love this blog are having so much trouble finding it?  🙂   I’ve never been Freshly Pressed.  I haven’t gotten a blogging award.  Some of my friends, the one’s who ask “what’s new with you?” are clearly not even checking in.  My Mom doesn’t read my blog! (But then, she doesn’t have a computer so I suppose that’s to be expected isn’t it.)

I’ve learned to be a bit more reasonable about expectations.  Now I write as much for myself as anything and am delighted when others find something useful, or inspiring, or entertaining in what I have to say.  I recognize that winning those blogging awards often requires things like writing a post with 24 things about yourself – one for each letter of the alphabet.  I’m grateful to have avoided that.  As for freshly pressed, on the few occasions when I’ve checked “this weeks list” I’ve not been impressed.  It seems that photography blogs are popular and occasionally a humor piece.  I’m delighted when my blogging buddies make the list, but even they seem confounded by the selection process.

The post that generated the most comments (July 2012) was about Trolls

The post that generated the most comments (July 2012) was about Trolls

There’s another thing I’ve learned.  I really can have friends on the internet who I’ve never met, but feel I’ve truly gotten to know. The blogs I tend to read are like mine, a little personal, a little day to day, observations and perspectives on life.  I’ve found several “blogging buddies” who I’m sure would be delightful to spend time with in the real world as well as on-line.  Someday I may just  drop in on them.  (Well, there would be discussion and planning and schedule checking and making arrangements for Orion, but you know what I mean.)

So thank you for going on this journey with me.  I hope you will continue to enjoy my posts and will share with your friends.  Who knows.  Those thousands of potential readers may find me yet!

The post that I continue to get feedback on (not always in this forum) is my post on Prayer Beads.

The post that I continue to get feedback on (not always in this forum) is my post on Prayer Beads.


Iris in the sunlight

Iris in the sunlight

In Matthew Wood’s book Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers he talks about iris as a plant that is reaching for the Divine.   It’s been a long time since I read it, but of all seven herbs it is the iris that stuck with me.

Often spring  is a time for me to get back outside and reconnect with the natural world.  Digging in the garden, sitting outside reading and soaking in the sun, even taking a daily walk.  This year spring was late and since it’s come it has been all about the rain.  We’ve had moments of sunlight, hours even.  As a whole though the atmosphere has been extremely unsettled.

I can’t complain too much.  I’m not living in Oklahoma which is being devastated by tornadoes.  Gardens there are forgotten entirely in the digging out from total destruction of lives.  The season is late in the northeast as well affecting the berries and syrup many farmers in those states depend on.  There are graphics of summer hurricanes in the gulf.  That’s not supposed to happen.  It’s either too late or too early.

How do we reach for the Divine in a world that seems to have turned against us?

Knowing that we are at least a part of the problem doesn’t really help.  I had my yard cleared of buckthorn.  In the rain the heavy equipment has not only ripped out the trees but also did a number on my grass.  The weed trees were so bad I lost a line of lilacs and a special ornamental as well.  They recommend large doses of Round-up between the rains for several weeks to keep it from coming back.  The buckthorn AND anything else I guess.

torn up yard

torn up yard

I’ve misplaced my camera, and my cell phone doesn’t have enough resolution to do my photographic vision justice.  Looking at the world through a lens distances us from what we see.  I’ve loved taking photos, but I’ve also found that I love being able to truly be in a moment without worrying about “capturing it for posterity”.

Just like the orris root, we often live “stuck in the mud” of our daily lives.  So too can we be like the iris blossom and reach up and out of the muck for the Divine.  As the iris blooms this season it reminds me to reach.

Divot in the muck.  Can I reach up?

Divot in the muck. Can I reach up?

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