My neighbor across the street had a near miss.

My neighbor across the street had a near miss.

I participate in a weekly podcast once a month.  I’m one of the priestesses on The Priestess Show on blogtalk radio.  I was scheduled to be on this last Friday, the summer solstice, to talk about the solstices and different solstice practices.

Minneapolis was hit (the second time that day) by a major storm.  It came in about 20 minutes before the broadcast was set to start and I lost power.  (Me and apparently 2/3 of the metro area!)  Watching out the window it looked like a hurricane, the rain was that heavy and the winds were that strong for over 20 minutes.  We’ll get 5 minutes like that here and there but a full on beating for that long is pretty unusual here.

This neighbor was also lucky

This neighbor was also lucky

Although many people have power back, my neighborhood and many others are still without power and may be even beyond Wednesday this week.   I didn’t lose any trees, but there are huge blow downs all over town.  There are plenty  of trees on power lines in my neighborhood.  Luckily most of us got on better than the folks documented in our Local Star Tribune.

I’m grateful that I have enough experience “roughing it” that losing power isn’t a huge hardship for me.  I have a gas stove, so whatever food I’ve kept cold I can cook.  My city water is still running, and running hot as my hot water heater is also gas.  I have plenty of candles and flashlights and lanterns and oil lamps.  I’ve even been going to bed at a relatively reasonable hour.  I need to.  Sleeping without the CPAP isn’t exactly restive.

You can't really tell, but that tree isn't on the ground because it's hanging on the power line from the pole

You can’t really tell, but that tree isn’t on the ground because it’s hanging on the power line from the pole

I’m also grateful to my good friends who have had their own power restored.  They brought over a generator last night so I could plug my freezer and refrigerator back in.  Thankfully I managed to keep things shut up enough that I didn’t lose much food!  I even plugged in last night and got some decent sleep.  Priorities you know.

Internet access is an additional bonus and a catch 22.  I really like being able to be back in touch with the world at large.  On the other hand I am very much aware of how much more I get done when I’m not spending the day surfing the web.

The noise and gassy smell from the generator is hard to put up with, but much better than no refrigeration.  The fact that while the generator is running I’m pretty well tied to the house is not that much different from my normal life.  Small adjustments and lots of gratitude.

It is sad to see the loss of so many old trees.  It’s hard to watch the friends and neighbors whose homes were damaged.  There are worse things than being without power.

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  1. It is hard to see the loss of the old tree brethren. Glad that you were so supported by the Universe during this time. And that your heart goes out to those who were damaged by the storm.

  2. Inspires me to do a search on folk who cut down trees and they pay you for the wood. I can’t have trees laid out on the yard and whatnot. be safe around there. I’m hearing low rumbles now. Love the rain this time of year but the lightning and all that, I can do without.

  3. So true, Lisa. I learned that in Haiti. One can get along without electric, not that one has to like it! Hope you have your power back on by now. I’m late getting here.

  4. Lisa, so how many days were you without power? About two years ago, Southern California lost power for a day. The entire city of San Diego and parts of Los Angeles. At first they said it would last several days and I went into stock up mode, but most stores had plumb closed because of the outage. But, luckily by the next morning we got our power and we were thrilled. Turns out some electrical worker in Arizona caused the ruckus. Yikes!

    • I went from Friday night through Monday night without power. I know there were a few people in the city who didn’t get power back until Thursday! It was a BIG storm. Many of the grocery stores threw out tons of food from their freezers. On Saturday the local hardware store was opened, they were sold out of generators. They had skylights and enough generators for the doors and the cash registers.

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