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Last week I did a double post so I was hoping I could skip this week.  It’s driving me nuts.  Maybe it’s the guilt I’m hearing a lot of people express.  It’s summer and things seem to move at a little more leisurely pace.   So we guilt ourselves about “not doing enough”.  Silly really.  Who needs a dose of stress along with summer heat and allergies?

Since I felt the need to say something (even if I’ve little or nothing to say) I thought I might take some time to notice a few things.100_3709

1. Stop and smell the roses.  They are gorgeous and in full bloom.

2. Look up.  The moon was full on Sunday and it’s still beautiful in the sky.  If not the moon, then try Fireworks from the county fairs, or Northern lights, or fluffy clouds or watching the summer storm on the horizon.

3. Look down, especially along the sides of the road.  I have a friend who says, “Weeds are just unwanted flowers.”

4. Breathe.  I know sometimes it’s hard because the air is thick and so are the grasses and pollens.  But slowing down and taking a minute to just be in the moment is so much more pleasant than worrying about all the things that didn’t get done.

(last year) A fire circle sounds like fun!

(last year) A fire circle sounds like fun!

Orion and I went and saw As You Like it.   Shakespeare in the park is a summer treat.  I’ve spent an hour outside “saying goodbye” to friends more times in the last month than I can count.  You may not know about Minnesota goodbyes, but we do tend to forget that we’re leaving and get caught up in another conversation on the way out the door. (Or in this case on the way to the car.) I’m debating mid-afternoon naps and lawn chair reading.  Enjoy the summer, there’s not as much left as you think!

Cell phone and distance, maybe I should add batteries for my camera to the list of things I haven't done......

Cell phone and distance, maybe I should add batteries for my camera to the list of things I haven’t done……

About lisaspiral

I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. Shakespeare in the park is a fabulous outing and I think more typical of how it may originally have first been produced. I’m so glad you and Orion got to get out and enjoy it!

  2. Stopping and smelling the roses with you, Lisa. And do they smell beautiful! My friend, Doris, invited me over for coffee & sweets last week and suggested I bring the camera to take pics of her roses. Have a slew of roses photos and have been contemplating what theme might go well with roses…

  3. Sweet post. I’m glad you’re enjoying your summer. Makes me sad it’s almost over. Sigh.

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