Harvest to make room

Harvest to make room

It’s an odd season for renewal, but it’s necessary.  When you think clearly about it, harvesting is a part of renewal.   You are clearing the way for new growth in the spring.  My first step in that whole “back-to-school” mindset is of course the last dash vacation of Labor Day weekend.

Orion and I spent the weekend up North with my folks (his Oma and Opa).  That means a lot of things.  There is that daughter sense of wanting to make things easier for my aging parents.  I make a point of keeping up with our laundry (or my Mother will do it.)   I try to wipe down the bathtubs and showers when I use them (especially the parts that get dusty and I know my Mom can’t quite reach.)  I run interference in the ongoing power struggle between my folks, giving my Dad occasional validation and my Mom a break from the constant whine.

There is also the daughter sense of “take care of me!”  Mom and Dad cook (because food is love) and I will love whatever ends up on the table in spite of myself.  I will gladly take Mom’s gas card and fill my tank.  I’m happy to let Orion and Dad have “bonding time” over Orion getting his morning bath, and dressed.  (Hey, they’re both morning people and it’s usually done before I roll out of bed.)  Orion and Dad have a thing, that started way back when Dad went to Language Camp as Orion’s aid.  That’s where Opa comes from, and of course Oma goes along with it.

Oma and Opa in the kitchen

Oma and Opa in the kitchen

And that is the core of my vacation.  Mom and Dad are busy.  This weekend involved marching in a parade and going to the Union picnic (that’s two days of stuff).  The nice thing is Orion LOVES to tag along.  So I sent them off on Saturday to the parade without me.  I puttered.   I could do this at home when Orion is at his day program, but here there’s always something (like dishes) pressing.  There I really can kick back and if I wander off not feel pressured to be back before Orion gets home.  It was amazingly refreshing.

I also would like to note that Mom and Dad are not connected to the internet.  Because of a family emergency I ended up on-line via my phone to my cousin on Friday evening, but by Saturday I was done.  I did pull out the computer Saturday evening for a bit of writing, but didn’t touch it for the rest of the time I was up there.  It wasn’t a total tech detox.  I am back on the internet within an hour of getting home – getting this blog together and checking my mail.  But it was a reminder how much nicer it is to read books than Facebook messages all day.

Oma and Orion politic-ing at the Union Picnic

Oma and Orion politic-ing at the Union Picnic

I’m very lucky to still have my parents.  It’s a treat to spend time with them.  It’s a treat to let them spend time with Orion and be left alone.  It’s a privilege to help out in the small ways that I can.  And it’s a great place to go for renewal.

Have a great week and a bounteous harvest!



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I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. Glad you got a break. It’s always wonderful to visit a place where, not only there isn’t any internet, but the dishes don’t need doing either. Pretty cool!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. Yes, indeed, you’re still lucky to have your parents. I smiled reading about running interference. You can write that because your parents aren’t connected to the Internet. I have to be careful about what I write. There’s lots I could write about now, but dare not, in respect for their feelings. Sounds like you really had a nice time and had a break caring for Orion.

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