I don’t know why, but it seems October always sneaks up on me.  Maybe it’s that “start-up” thing I get going in September.  I never feel quite in the groove before October rolls around.  Maybe it’s that Orion’s birthday is in October (the second) so it’s not just the beginning the month, but an event that catches me unprepared.

This week, besides Orion’s birthday, I’m on Blog Talk Radio – The Priestess Show, talking about Ancestors.  (The first Friday of the month ALREADY?)  The universe is being particularly helpful to me on this one.  I was invited by a friend to attend the opening performance of the Black Storytellers Alliance festival.  This year’s theme “Leaning on the Ancestors.”

It was truly a privilege to participate in this event, and the audience does participate!  These were master storytellers.  Their stories come out of their experiences and their history, but they embrace and welcome the whole of the human experience.  The storytellers came from all across the country, and even (although he currently lives in Maine) from Brazil.



The event began with drumming, the drummers mostly children from the community.  They did impressive work, shared the spotlight and encouraged the audience to clap along with the beats.  Then libations were poured out to honor the Divine that has gifted us with our lives, our ancestors and our descendants.  This piece was beautifully done.  I’ve seen many versions of this and both my friend and I were impressed with the grace and eloquence of this little ritual.  But then, these are storytellers aren’t they.

There were family stories and old fables with new twists.  There were stories of imitation and of recognizing our own worth.  Every performance acknowledged the ancestors as a source of power and wisdom.  These are the shoulders upon which we stand.

Orion and I also attended a community equinox ritual.  This too acknowledged our history and our futures.  We made wishes for ourselves and our community.  We cast our coins into the wishing well, but then were taught that we are the well, the water the change makers.  We are the one’s with the power to make our wishes manifest.

Roman Coin

Roman Coin

Because making wishes has consequences we were also given charge of someone else’s wishes.  We each got an old roman coin (about 2000 years old).  So now I carry, not only my wishes, but the wishes of those who used this old coin to achieve their own desires.   Ancestors and Descendants.  I am blessed.

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I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. Ha–October has a way of sneaking up on me, as well. Sounds like it’s been a busy week. Happy birthday to Orion. Blessings to you, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. Every month sneaks up on me now. Love the coin. How cool.

  3. Please tell Orion a happy belated birthday. Your observations about October are spot-on. I guess it takes us a while to get going through September with our autumn harvests. It is good that you have a community to support you. What a gift.

  4. October definitely snuck up on me this year, too – I’ve no idea what happened to September! This is definitely a time for remembering ancestors for me, and I love the two different takes on this that the two events you attended took.

  5. The whole fall season sneaks up on me and it has a way of blending into the holidays. So might as well say it, Happy New Year! Maybe it’s an age thing. As we get older the days move by faster! Hope Orion’s birthday celebration was splendid.

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