Why did the turkey cross the road?

Why did the turkey cross the road?

Another year and another post titled Thanksgiving.  In past years I’ve written about my family traditions and about gratitude.  Doesn’t that sum up the holiday in a nutshell?  Family and thankfulness, what more is there to say?  Still it is the job of the writer, be they blogger or novelist, to find new stories to tell, new things to share.

I write thank you notes.  Not like you’re thinking “thank you for the lovely present” but genuine thank you notes.  Every once in a while I’ll be inspired to write thank you for being you, for all the things you do for me, for being in my life kinds of notes.  I was driving in traffic last week, alone.  That gave me some time to think.  I arrived at my meeting almost half an hour early.  That gave me some time to write.  I started a thank you note.

How well do we see what's in front of us?

How well do we see what’s in front of us?

This note in particular is almost a “fan girl”note.  I’ve met Teo, spent a little time talking to him, let Orion spend a morning with him and taken a workshop from him.  But, even though I’d like to think we’re friends, I don’t really know him.  Teo is a public figure among Pagans.  He was an ADF Druid and wrote a blog with a wide following.  His Spiritual journey has led him to return to an exploration of Christianity and a relationship with Jesus as Divine.  He continues to blog about his Spirituality through all the transformative experience.  He’s taken a great deal of flack for his choices.

My letter begins:

I want to start by saying thank you, yet again.  Thank you for being kind.  Thank you for being open and honest and willing to share.  Thank you for being honorable.  Thank you for living the path of someone truly called by Spirit.

As I write I am struck by the notion that this is a love letter.  Not in the romantic sense, but in the sense of unconditional love.  I can’t express gratitude without it.  My heart is open and it is love that comes out, in the form of thanksgiving.

When I wrote about the Women and Spirituality Conference I talked about working with the ancestors.  I told about my experience in the workshop meditation holding my ancestors in unconditional love.  This is currently my daily practice, to spend 5 minutes a day simply holding my ancestors in my heart, in love.  I am overwhelmed by gratitude.  My heart is open and love comes out, in the form of thanksgiving.

I had to use this photo.  I made him pull the turkey out twice last year so I could get it.

I had to use this photo. I made him pull the turkey out twice last year so I could get it.

My father pulls the turkey out of the oven every year and carves it.  He often gets credit for the cooking, but that truly goes to my mother.  In my household food is love.  Dad makes bread, Mom makes stuffing and gravy and wild rice and anyone who shows up is always fed to bursting.  I am lucky, and grateful to still have my parents.  I am overwhelmed, with food and gratitude and love.  This is Thanksgiving.


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I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. In a lot of ways, I think food is probably love in my family, as well–though certainly in the home Sara and I share. Love the thank you note! Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. The idea of writing a thank you note is such a dear one. I tell my loved ones how much they mean to me as often as possible but writing a letter is a wonderful idea. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. How cool that you write thank you notes just for a person being themselves. I like that. Sometimes all we can give is ourselves. And hope that is enough. Always enjoy your blog posts, Lisa.

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