30 degrees

Noon 16 April 2014

Noon 16 April 2014

What a difference a week makes!  I’ve talked about our crazy weather in previous blogs.  The Twin Cities has the largest population on Earth that deals with the Broadest temperature range.  The other place where the highest highs and the lowest lows are that far apart is somewhere in Siberia!  Even when the weather talks about “average” temperatures – that average is plus or minus 15 degrees.   Hence the title of this particular blog. Last week I got to drive across town in a blizzard.  Well, there were storm warnings and white out conditions.  The temperatures were just below freezing hovering between 29 and 34.   The storm system split across the cities.  Out in the western suburbs of Minneapolis there was 6-8″ of snow.  In town there was some snow (maybe an inch or two) but mostly sleet.  In St. Paul it was rain, mixed with a little bit of snow.   They got a dusting.

7 am 17 April 2014

7 am 17 April 2014

Both Orion and I woke up the next day because it was so bright!  The setting waning moon reflected on all that new snow came in our windows brighter than sunrise.  I tend to be very aware of the light because it changes so much.  The variation in length of days isn’t as dramatic as further north, but it’s not insignificant.  The angle also shifts as the Earth shifts in its relationship to the sun.  And then there’s the effect of the weather.  I may have mentioned that during our winters a bright sunny day generally means frigid temperatures and a grey day is considerably warmer.


You see that planter in the first photo?  This is what it looks like 7am 21 April 2014.

You see that planter in the first photo? This is what it looks like 7am 21 April 2014.

Last weekend the high temperatures were between 70 and 74.  The sun was shining and there were plenty of folks outside for Sunday BBQ or Easter egg hunts.   It was glorious, even into the evening.  Our days are getting noticeably   longer.  Sunset isn’t until after 8pm.  Last month at the equinox sunset was 7:27pm.   I got home later in the day Sunday than I expected because sitting outside was so bright and pleasant.


Promise of flowers and mowing.  :)

Promise of flowers and mowing. 🙂

The rains continue to come and go, but at these higher temperatures its cleansing and pretty rather than dreary and deadly.  The month is almost over and we’re finally coming to the point where April showers – rain or snow – may indeed bring May flowers.

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I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. Didn’t realize that there was such huge temperature variations in the Twin Cities. That’s extreme. I suppose I have grown accustomed to having similar weather year round. Yes, I miss the variety, but equatorial living, especially at this altitude, has a lot to offer.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. I hope you get some warmer weather, Lisa. When we landed in MN on April 8, the lakes were still frozen, a real sight for this Southerner. It looks like you’re on your way, at least.

    • I bet it’s hard to get your head around the idea that we can’t put seeds in the ground until May and even then we might still get frosty nights. You’ve got serious blooming going on!

  3. If you stay in the 70s, you’re speaking my language but 30s? Well, that’s definitely not the worst it can get but still, 70 is better. The oddity of the weather is that the weekends are warmer and colder during the week, when most folk have to be out and about.

    • true, but most folks prefer the warm on the weekends when they can enjoy it at their leisure. That’s why it’s odd. It never seems to happen that way enough.

  4. Hey there, Ms. Lisa! Speaking of temperature variations–I can so relate. We can actually be 38 degrees in L’Anse and 48 degrees here in Aura. Every day it’s a different story. Up, down, everywhere in between. I am ready for some 70 degree days though! How about you?

  5. Rhonda Danielson

    Lisa, really like the blog!

    Please, when you have a moment, email me. I no longer have contact info for you and I have some potentially positive medical news for both you and Orion.

    Rhonda (and Jim)

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