My lifeline!

My lifeline!

Preparing for this surgery I’m maintaining a low-calorie, high protein, liquid diet.  My mind dreams of salty crunchy, but that’s not on the menu.  Whoever would have guessed I’d get hungry for a protein supplement?  But my diet is not the only thing I find myself needing to “liquidate.”

As I prepare myself for this new adventure I’m inclined to shift a few things around in my environment as well.  I got this computer desk years ago.  It was the center of household expenses, school records, medical reports and any project I or any member of my family might take on.  I don’t need all that anymore.  Orion’s day program doesn’t generate the same level of paperwork that school did.  Karina is on her own.  I have a whole room devoted to my writing.  Really I just need a clean space to pay the bills.

You can't even see the hutch which is also over flowing with piles stacked on top!

You can’t even see the hutch which is also over flowing with piles stacked on top!

You can see, the clean space was hard to come by on the old desk.  That is one thing gone and something else to take its place.   In the kitchen the 40-year-old blender and the coffee pot have been replaced with the Vita-mix.   In my bedroom I’m looking at my clothes differently.  I don’t really need to keep every t-shirt  as it ages “for gardening”.  If a sweater has a little hole in it, it probably won’t fit me anymore next winter anyway.   Those stretched out sweat pants with holes in the knees are going to fall off and should probably land in the garbage.  I find myself rearranging my life as I prepare to make room for more living.

Much tidier!

Much tidier!

I much prefer cooking to cleaning.  I find cleaning easier than this sorting and removing.  On the bright side, I have noticed that not cooking makes it a lot easier to keep the kitchen clean.   I’m hoping that making things less cluttered will open up more than space.  I’m hoping it will help open me up to the possibilities that await on the other side of this endeavor.

Everyone I’ve talked to has assured me that what I’m doing is life-changing.  I can see that already, in the small things.  Even with the few pounds of weight I’ve dropped in the past 6 months I find myself more able to do things.  It’s easier to get up and get out.


This week my women’s group is celebrating Vishnu.  The invitation says “Bring something to burn in Vishnu’s fire”.

They're all still wearable, just a little stained and over washed……..

They’re all still wearable, just a little stained and over washed……..

The idea is to make room for Vishnu to bring abundance into our lives.  Cotton t-shirts will burn, won’t they?











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I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. Big changes make us comfortable with more big change, I think. Your bravery is inspiring, Lisa.

  2. Good luck, Lisa!

  3. It feels like such a life-changing thing that you’re doing, Lisa. And getting rid of the old to make way for the new is such a blessing. I’ve found myself doing some small new things and enjoying breaking out of routine a bit. And you have inspired me to clean out the closet! Thank you.

  4. I hear ya. I’m trying to liquidate too. Just had a protein shake and trying to downsize stuff. The more you do those shakes and refrain from the other stuff, the less you’ll desire it. Since cooking is your thing, you’ll love finding good, healthy foods to whip up too. Hang in there.

  5. The cravings will pass. I’ve been trying to cut my carbs — especially sugar — and have found I don’t really miss them after a couple of weeks in. Good luck.

  6. Sounds like someone’s doing a little spring cleaning. Good luck with that, and with your surgery, too. Hope all’s well!

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