family wedding

family wedding

We went to a family wedding this weekend.  I’m at that age where I really appreciate “weddings and funerals”  as an opportunity to get together with the extended family, the relatives I don’t see very often.  Even at these events people tend to cluster with their “immediate” families.  Still, it’s nice to see how everyone is doing, aging, and whose kids (the names I can’t keep track of) are now grown.

Wait, not THAT cousin!

Wait, not THAT cousin!

THIS cousin!

THIS cousin!

This wedding was particularly special.  On my Mom’s side of the family I’m the oldest of the girl cousins, and Becci is the youngest.  Additionally our families have been close.  We used to camp together growing up.  My Mom and my Aunt would plot to sneak the leftover marshmallows into the other one’s camp kitchen to take home.  S’more’s are essential camp food with kids, but neither family had any real use for marshmallows in their day-to-day lives.PART_1410784645960_20140913_145511(0)

My Mom is the oldest girl in her family and my Uncle the youngest.  Their age difference is about the same as mine to my Uncle.  That’s about the same difference as between me and my cousin.  That’s about the same difference as between my cousin and my daughter.  Becci is getting married in her 30’s.  She’s breaking the chain.  But waiting for “Mr. Right” seems to have held her in good stead.

The wedding was particularly well attended.  Both the bride and groom come with large extended families.  Both of them also have a presence in their small town communities.  People have watched them grow up, build careers, and wished them well throughout their lives.  It was a nearly impossible task to keep the guest list numbers down.PART_1410784731108_20140913_142650

Those of us who’ve had weddings know there are a certain number of invitations that get sent out with the expectation that those people will never come.  They are invitations that are necessary to send, as announcements or because of an obligation of manners.  PART_1410784600505_20140913_164549 People spread out in our society and traveling 3 hours, 6 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours, days “just for a wedding” gets expensive.   However, for Becci and Caleb people were willing to do just that.  There were so many responses they had to change the wedding venue.  Instead of getting married in the church where her Uncle preaches, Becci got married in the Auditorium of the High School where her brother teaches music.  They filled the seats!

It was a beautiful event.  They did a lovely job decorating the space.  The service was personal and joyful.  The caterers served good food to nearly 500 people and everyone ate in less than 1 ½ hours.  (We tended to have meals in town at the restaurant that catered the event.)  The DJ’s did a good job with the music and Orion got to dance with the bride.   I even danced a little!PART_1410784193553_20140913_205121

Being in Wisconsin, we even had time between the wedding and the reception to sneak over to the bar.  There is nothing like fresh fried cheese curds for an afternoon snack!  Wisconsin beer, however, is off my menu post the bariatric surgery.

As Orion so eloquently told everyone the next morning, “I have nothing but love in my heart for the newlyweds!”

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  1. You’re looking great, Lisa. A WI wedding……….how could anyone not have a blast.

  2. Nearly 500 people! Filling the auditorium! That was one big wedding! I am glad you had fun, Lisa. You must be feeling better these days.

  3. You’re cool with attending weddings and funerals? Come to think of it, you’re getting out a heckuva lot more than I am. I don’t do well at funerals or hospitals though. The next wedding I go to and it’s not mine, not that I go to many, I’m gonna wear a wedding dress. Not to outshine the bride and all but just ’cause.

    Though, it is always good to see family. I’d say some of mine anyway.

    • There are definitely favorites and those I’d just as soon avoid among the family members. I spent all together too much time at hospitals and yea, I’m mostly okay with funerals too. I’ve been married twice and never had a “traditional” wedding dress. I went with a friend to shop for an out of town bride (who was close to my size at the time) The one and only time I tried on a single wedding gown. If I do it again….. (God forbid!)…….I’m wearing white.

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