Resting up to go out

Resting up to go out

I am incredibly fortunate to still have both of my parents within a days drive.  With Mother’s Day just past I’ve watched many of my friends struggle with the grief of no longer having their Mom a phone call away.  My folks aren’t as active as they once were.  The three-hour drive means my Mom spends the next week “recovering”.  Given my health ups and downs this last year, we haven’t seen as much of each other as we’d like.

"the Dude" and his "Opa" about to head out

“the Dude” and his “Opa” about to head out

When my Dad called and asked if Orion would be interested in participating in challenging a Guinness World Book record it seemed like a good opportunity to get in the car.   My Dad and Orion have a history of doing interesting things together.  Orion spent many summers attending Waldsee, a German language immersion village.  Dad went along as his aide, his Opa.  They still march together in the community parades when we visit in the summer.  Being in the longest moving wheelchair line sounded like fun.

Mom and Dad's driveway

Mom and Dad’s driveway

Orion and I went up on Friday.   The “North woods” are pretty in the spring as the leaves come out on the birches.  We had the afternoon to visit and dinner, but early to bed knowing Saturday was going to be a busy day.  We sent Orion and Dad off to Grand Rapids, MN and Mom and I went to Brainerd.   It’s a treat for me to spend the day alone with Mom, a treat for Orion to have a day with Opa, a treat for Mom to be able to run errands at her own pace, and Dad is always happy with an adventure.

We had a lovely, leisurely day.  We did a little shopping.  We went out for lunch.  We picked up some ice cream to have with the rhubarb pie I made.  We talked and reminisced and I got Mom looking for some old photos of her grandparents.  She was still worn out by the end of the day, but in a good way.

Lunch with Mom

Lunch with Mom

Opa and Orion and some 349 other wheelchair users beat the record.  Of course there’s a review process by the Guinness World Book people before it’s official, but Orion knows he’s a champion!   I made Dad take photos of the event and I posted Orion’s number (101) on his wall.

Registered to wheel as #101

Registered to wheel as #101

A weekend isn’t a long enough visit, but it’s enough to touch base.  I’m also grateful again that my parents are still here, and close enough to do just a weekend.  We may meet for lunch again before Orion and I get back up to the “North woods”.  That’s how we’ve managed these last 6 months when “I need to SEE how you are doing.” has been the theme.

Knowing how fragile these opportunities can be I am more motivated, more committed, to make sure they happen.  If you still have your Mom or Dad, be sure to call them just to check-in and say “I love you.”

Lining up!

Lining up!

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  1. Lovely. I get a nice feel for the pace and mood of your weekend.

  2. Hugs to you and you Mom. You both look great!

  3. I’m glad you had such a nice time. 😀 And to be part of a world record, how cool is that!

  4. It really is a blessing to have parents around. I talk to my mom almost every day, sometimes several times a day. She’s a sassy thing.

    What courage and motivation to set a world record. For Orion to set his mind on a thing and try to beat everyone in the world, that’s inspiration for us all.

  5. How great to work on setting a world record together! I’m not sure if I was smiling more about that or the rhubarb pie (oh, how I love rhubarb pie!).

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