Good Tired

20150926_184602I spent most of the weekend outside.  Winter is coming.  There aren’t that many lovely weekends left in the year.  Last weekend was definitely one of them.  It was warm, dry, there was a good breeze.  The evenings cooled off, but didn’t get cold.  Perfect weather for being outdoors.

Saturday was the community equinox ritual we often attend.  I’ve blogged about it in the past.  (AutumnDarknessHarvestBalance – Wow I’ve been doing this for a long time!)  I had Orion along so there is the additional piece about pushing him on uneven ground.  I used to have to be sure I had someone else there who I could count on to help.  Not so much this year.  I made all the trips from the car (Orion, Pot luck cooler, Pot luck crock pot, Lawn chair and blankets) all by myself.

ritual circle in the distance

ritual circle in the distance

It was good to catch up with some old friends.  It was also nice to have a community willing to share a dessert – so I could have a bite rather than throwing out most of a piece.  The buffet table is still a challenge for me, but I have found that if I fill one plate (with an eye for both Orion and I) and then split it into two at the table I do better.

We were there most of the afternoon and late into the evening.  Sat around the fire talking, watched the dancers and listened to the drummers in the background.  The moon was high, the night was clear and the wooded grove a pleasant cathedral.

stopping in the shade of the grape arbor

stopping in the shade of the grape arbor

Sunday Karina took me off to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.   We didn’t get there for the first cannon, that’s about the time she picked me up.  We didn’t stay to the last cannon (hoping that leaving 5 min. early would help get out of the parking lot.)  But we spent much of the day wandering around the festival.

The last time I was at the Ren Faire I was with a friend who was looking at knee replacement surgery.  Neither one of us was moving very far or very fast.  We took all day to circle the grounds one time through.  We traveled from one bench to the next.  This time was a very different story.   We did sit down a few times to eat, grab a drink, or see a show.  Mostly we were on our feet, back and forth across the entire park.

Minnesota Traditional Morris

Minnesota Traditional Morris

We had another beautiful day, warm with a breeze.  We saw friends working at the festival as well as running into a few just visiting.  Karina ate, and I nibbled off of what she got, so I didn’t struggle much with the food.  The highlight of the day was visiting with the Morris Dancers.  These guys are all friends of my daughters from when she was a waitress.  They are a warm and welcoming bunch.  They brought us up on the stage for one dance, and Karina even joined them in another.

Karina ready to dance

Karina ready to dance

We watched the full moon rising on our way home.  It was huge on the horizon (as the harvest moon often is).  When my Ex dropped off Orion he made me go outside again.  The eclipse was happening so even though I was exhausted I got to see that as well.

They are a friendly bunch

They are a friendly bunch

I was tired enough to go to bed when Orion did.  I ached.  My ankles were a little swollen.   BUT    I got to do BOTH things this weekend.  My ankles still look like ankles.  I didn’t feel like if I sat down I was never going to get up again.  I didn’t worry about walking or getting anything done all week.  Life is so different this side of the bariatric journey.  I am exceptionally grateful for good tired.

Shine on Harvest Moon

Shine on Harvest Moon

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. Congratulations on your journey, it isn’t an easy one but I hope you continue to find joy in it.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    Splitting a dessert though… not so sure about that, haha.

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