Internet Woes

new born babies at the fair

new born babies at the fair

So you haven’t seen a post in awhile and this one is coming in late.  It’s all (well maybe not all,  but a lot!) because of internet woes.   My internet went out before Labor Day.  So I couldn’t post about my trip to the fair.  They worked all week on the lines in the neighborhood and got it back up and running.

By that point I was on my way out the door and up north to visit my parents over Labor Day.   I would have written about hanging out with Rick Nolan at the parade and attending the Union Labor Day Picnic, but my folks have never had the internet.  No matter how much we whine, they never will.

That’s alright.  I should get Labor Day off anyway.  Besides Pagan Pride was this weekend.  Except I had a nasty sinus headache and so we didn’t go, despite perfect weather.   Late in the afternoon I felt enough better to mow the lawn (can’t blame the internet on that, but it’s been put off for just as long).  Of course that set off the sinuses once more.

Orion joins the "old boys" at the Union picnic

Orion joins the “old boys” at the Union picnic

It seems it’s always something.  Orion and I are sitting at the coffee shop while I write this.  My least favorite place to write.  He’s struggling with the lighting.  His vision impairment makes that a significant factor in his computer usage.

I guess if it’s not one thing it’s another.   I just need to keep working with the cards I’m dealt.  They won’t be out to even try and fix the internet until Friday.  Cross your fingers for a blog post next week!

coffee and computers

coffee and computers


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  1. It’s hard when things that used to be so easy become difficult. I’m feeling the same way about driving to work — so many detours! My commute time has doubled. At least it’s temporary. Best wishes on your internet!

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