The squirrels are building their winter nests

The squirrels are building their winter nests

It’s definitely autumn and this week I’m getting ready for the Women and Spirituality Conference at Mankato State University.   I’ve attended this conference in years past (links to old posts at the bottom) and enjoy it for a number of reasons.   I find it a great networking opportunity.  (too bad I’m so bad at following up on those networking contacts.)  The keynote speakers are often both educational and inspiring.  I have an opportunity to see people I only see at the conference, and catch up.

I also have the opportunity to present.  This year I’m only doing one presentation, and it’s one I’ve done in many different settings.  When I submitted the proposal I had a plan to get my next book written and possibly even printed before the event.  I went so far as to acquire a space in the vendors room to sell books.  That didn’t happen.

This year's program

This year’s program

I still have books to sell, just not a new one.  I will still do a great workshop and practice that whole self-promotion thing, referring folks to my other work.  But I won’t have a book on the topic of my workshop.  Life has just gotten in the way again.

Which leads me to thinking about how badly I need some resolve in my life.  I need to resolve to get back to work on my writing.  I need to resolve to be methodical in my attempts to deal with the house (the kitchen project is back at square one due to the bank and the city being unable to come to terms and my furnace isn’t heating).   I need to find space to work, to socialize, to write, to keep up with the daily grind.  That’s not as easy as it sounds when you don’t have a lot of structure in the schedule.

On the plus side I’m finding that I’m not as interested in the new TV season, even the shows I’ve watched in the past.  Mostly that’s because finding the sites to stream the series I like is more complicated.  (Hulu no longer carries everything)  I’ll take that as a blessing.    I know I spend way too much time on the computer, avoiding the things I get on the computer to do.  (More Facebook than writing, more YouTube than researching, more gaming community than business networking – I have a talent for distraction.)  But that also means that I know where to find the time.

Fall colors are starting to fade, even though not everything has turned.

Fall colors are starting to fade, even though not everything has turned.

A lot of my issue can be solved by a “just do it” attitude.  Hence the need for resolve.  As we approach the Wiccan New Year (Halloween/Samhein) it seems like a good time to get these things in hand.

That’s what the workshop I’m doing at the Women and Spirituality Conference is about.  I’m due for an updated version of walk the talk.   This week is my kickstart.  Resolve








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  1. I need a lot of resolve as well.

  2. Dear Lisa: Please remember the 11th Commandment. “Thou shalt not SHOULD on yourself.

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