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Manifest Divinity

I’m not burying the lead today:  My book, Manifest Divinity, is now out, released, available for purchase!!!

My photo of their page on my screen. Is that a copyright violation?

I’ve opened a new fan page on face book  Lisa Spiral and encourage everyone to like it.

I’m Celebrating!!   and scrambling to plan some kind of book release/local author/book signing event.

Sadly, what I’m not doing is a lot of actual writing.  Go figure.

My hope is that I’ll be back on the keyboards pounding away this week and that by next week the blog will have, maybe not more excitement, but more content.

In the meantime I sincerely hope that you will spread the word, buy the book and encourage others to as well.  I’d love for some of you readers to write up a review for Amazon (I’ll remind you in a few months I promise.  🙂  )  Like the face book page and stay in touch.

Thank you all for your great encouragement and support!!

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