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The edge of autumn

The edge of autumn

I’ve been culturally conditioned to start my year with the beginning of school.  I don’t go to school.  I no longer have kids in school.  I don’t work at school.  Still, here at the brink of autumn I feel the pull to begin anew.

Several districts and colleges in the area actually start back to school today.  I remember bemoaning the years when school started “early”.  Somehow those August days don’t seem to count the same way, at least not until June when school lets out early.  School should start the day after Labor Day.  Oh my gosh that’s next week!100_4548

Since I no longer plan my days around the school calendar I don’t have a “big summer vacation”.  I do my wandering in bits and pieces throughout the year.  Autumn is actually trying to cram itself full of events on my calendar.  Maybe that’s some of the “back to school” feeling I’m having.  I’m gearing up to be off and on the go.

Summer is grand, but the older I get the less I enjoy it.  The heat and allergies keep me indoors rather than out soaking up the sun.  The gardening and yard work puts my back out when I make the effort.  Mostly it’s beyond me.  I like to putter, I enjoy sitting in the sun reading.  All of those things are easier when it’s not unbearably hot.


Go slow in the heat (and when students are present)

Of course this year the heat has been restricted to about two weeks.  Sadly this is one of them.  It’s time to move forward with my business plans.  It’s time to get caught back up on my reading (I’m no longer “ahead” on the book review site).  It’s time to explore new options and take some chances.

I was told a few weeks ago, “You like change.”   Well, I do enjoy new things.  I like learning and exploring and variety.  Change, that’s a little scarier.  Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective.  Time to get a new one.  Time to go back to school, or whatever my life holds that brings new information and opportunity.  Time to learn and grow.  One more week for planning allowed, then it’s jump in with both feet.  School is Starting!100_4554

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