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100_4582Several of you noticed that I accidentally posted a review for my other blog lisaspiralreads here.  The two blogs are both under my WordPress account and I was flipping back and forth and onto my desktop and who knows where and apparently lost track of where I was posting.    I’ve acquired a few new followers because of it.  Welcome!

I did (briefly) consider counting that as my post for this week.  But I really wanted it to count on the other blog.  Lisaspiralreads is a challenge to myself.  I made what I suppose was a New Year’s Resolution to review 50 books over the course of the year.   I don’t think I would have picked White Horse as representative of either blog.

I read a lot, and quite a wide variety.   I don’t review every book I read.  I tend to wait for a series to be fully published before I start in and read the whole thing through.  Why review every book when I’m reading the series?  I don’t review every trashy romance novel I read.  I don’t review the books I get bored with and never finish.  (Because it’s rude to review a book you can’t even get through?)

Guess which 4 get added to the stack today?

Guess which 4 get added to the stack today?

It’s been a really interesting challenge.  I’ve found myself reading more non-fiction than usual.  I’ll pick up a lot of non-fiction, but usually I’ll read a few chapters and skim the rest.  I’ve found myself more open to suggestions.  I’ve read books that I’ve come across reading many of your blogs.  Most of my books come from the library, so I’m going more regularly.

My my library system allows me to maintain a list of books on request.  When they become available I get an email and I can just drop in and pick up a stack.  There are many of us who are “regulars” in the request shelves.  One of those “regulars” is often about 2 number markers down from me, and often on the same shelf.  I browse their waiting books like I read your blogs, just to see what’s new.

Sometimes I'll sit by the windows and just read.

Sometimes I’ll sit by the windows and just read.

This library user probably got my attention because they had books I’d ordered in their slot.  Since I don’t really remember my number I often find my books by title, and then confirm the last few digits rather than actually finding my spot.  I figured if they liked some of the books I like, I might enjoy some of the books they like.  I’ll often check out what’s waiting for them and then stop at a terminal to log in and add myself to the waiting list.

I don’t know if this person is a man or a woman.  I have never seen them and there’s no way the library is going to give me a name.  Still I feel like I have a relationship.  A reading buddy, like a blogging buddy.  Someday I hope we’re at the library at the same time.  It would be Kismet.

Or in the winter appreciate the view from a warm perch.

Or in the winter appreciate the view from a warm perch.

Manifest Divinity

I’m not burying the lead today:  My book, Manifest Divinity, is now out, released, available for purchase!!!

My photo of their page on my screen. Is that a copyright violation?

I’ve opened a new fan page on face book  Lisa Spiral and encourage everyone to like it.

I’m Celebrating!!   and scrambling to plan some kind of book release/local author/book signing event.

Sadly, what I’m not doing is a lot of actual writing.  Go figure.

My hope is that I’ll be back on the keyboards pounding away this week and that by next week the blog will have, maybe not more excitement, but more content.

In the meantime I sincerely hope that you will spread the word, buy the book and encourage others to as well.  I’d love for some of you readers to write up a review for Amazon (I’ll remind you in a few months I promise.  🙂  )  Like the face book page and stay in touch.

Thank you all for your great encouragement and support!!


fireworks from free clipart at bloodspot

You’re hear expecting yet another blog about fireworks and the 4th of July aren’t you?   Don’t be too disappointed when I tell you that the celebration I’m writing about is a little smaller and more personal than all of that.  Of course ANY excuse to light off a few fountains of color and noise is a good one, right?

You all know (well you do now) that I’ve written a book on spirituality.  This week I was confronted with yet another step in the reality of being a published author.  This one seems almost too good to be true.  My fabulous publishers at Immanion Press have sent me a “rough draft” of what will become the cover to my new book!   It’s quite the shock to open up an email and see my name in print!

Sending a book off to an editor is daunting.  There is that amazing high of having your material accepted for publishing.  The validation that yes you’ve done it!  Then there is the critique and edit process.  You’ve heard me complain about that.  If I’m honest with myself, as those things go I had it easy.  Then there is some “sit around and wait.”

The publisher at this point can pretty much do what they want to get what you have written into a format that they like.  They can muck about with art, or lack thereof.  They can choose a font that you hate.  They can send your material off to strangers to make comments for the back.  They can put your book into a “category” (science fiction, sociology, memoir, romance) pretty much at their discretion.

I feel very fortunate to have a publisher that is willing to include me in this process.  I am asked for my ideas about formatting and artwork.  When they sent the draft of the cover the email said, “What do you think?” and they meant it.   I get a quick response to my inquiries and I get advice when I have questions about the industry.

Even though I still don’t have a publication date I have  been given some very important advice.  Create some BUZZ for your book!   

It is against character for me to talk about my projects and promote myself.  This blog has been quite the challenge and most rewarding.  Cyberfriends and fellow bloggers from across the country reading and offering their encouragement makes it a little easier each time.  I think all of you who’ve been supportive of my whining deserve to celebrate a little bit with me as well.

So, dear readers, PLEASE help me out with this “creating buzz”.  Share my blog with everyone you can think of and let them know how much you enjoy reading.  Forward the link  Tell everyone you know someone who’s book is on it’s way to press!  Light a firework for me and let your friends know that you have an “in” with a soon to be published author.  🙂

I suppose it would help to know a little something about the book itself.  The book is about exploring the different ways that the Divine manifests in our lives.  It is written in broad enough strokes that it would be useful to anyone looking to build a relationship with the Divine, regardless of their religious practice.  I identify the Divine by the AWE experience.  I give examples from my life experience of Divine Manifestation and tell stories from a wide variety of religious perspectives.  The book is also is a tool to help enhance that personal relationship between the reader and the Divine.

My intention with this book is to help people come to an understanding of the Divine that allows them to fill that gap between religion and spirituality for themselves.  You might say I am on a mission to promote awe-some-ness and bring enchantment back into our daily lives.

So as a reward for reading through the whole blog, and I hope sharing it with your friends, here is the photo that has left me well and truly stunned:

Thank you all for supporting me in this adventure!



We are fast approaching the equinox, the beginning of spring.  In Minneapolis this is generally a celebration involving getting the seeds started, indoors.  It might even still be a little early.  More often than not there is snow on the ground from the latest big blizzard.  It’s a good two months before it’s “safe” to put the tomatoes in outside.


This year we have just gotten through a week of temps in the upper 70’s F.  Things are blossoming and budding a month ahead of “normal.”  Not that we don’t occasionally see a warm day in March, or an early spring.  But in the 51 years I’ve lived here, most of which I remember, I’ve never seen a spring like this one.

It is not unusual, given our weather extremes, to have a significant frost weeks after it appears the warmth of spring is here to stay.  With the growth so fast and so far ahead I can’t help but wonder what the impact of a killing frost might be on these young buds.

Soon to be apple blossoms.

Most of our natives can handle that kind of climate abuse.  The dandelion will spring forth again, as will the chives and the bulbs.  The bulbs may not blossom, but they will be back next year.  The lilacs may only see one blooming if they are hit with frost, a short season.  The apple tree will certainly survive, but will there be fruit?

Sticking out your neck, or your buds, is a risky business. Even if the early warmth holds the season may also have flooding or drought.  There may be huge and unseasonable storms, like the tornadoes we’ve already seen this year in the heartland.  Winter may come as early as the spring, so the seeds and fruits from this early bloom may not see there way to harvest.  Anything could happen!


I’ve buried the lead here.  I’ve stuck my neck out.  I’ve written a book and sent it off to a publisher, where it has been accepted.  WOW!  YEAH!  Spring blossoms forth!

Contracts are being discussed, distribution is being debated.  There will be editing and formatting and cover art that I may have an opinion about, but no control.  Months from now,  maybe even next year, the book will hit the market and the public may choose to partake of the fruits of my labors, or not.

Lilac greening

In the meantime, I have to get used to the idea of calling myself an author.  I guess that’s a little different than a writer.  It sure feels that way.

Best wishes for a fruitful harvest from this brilliant and early spring!


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