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So I said I’d post a weekly blog and this week I’m late.  Guess what?  It wasn’t even (entirely) my fault.  I was camping.  Last year there was internet access, wi-fi.  This year not so much.  So I planned to be able to get in, and couldn’t.

I’m not alone in this campground.  Other people are accessing the internet on their phones.   I could have borrowed a phone and spent the day writing a blog one finger push at a time.  I thought that was a little ridiculous.  Is it?

I could have driven to the nearby town, to the library.  I’m told all the locals had the computers tied up, but maybe if I’d given up the day?  I didn’t.    I could have called someone in town and asked them to do it for me, other people did.  But who could I have explained this too?  I haven’t even told everyone I’m writing!

I guess the point is that sometimes life demands a choice.  Sometimes Spirit demands a choice.  We make those choices consciously or unconsciously, but choices are in fact made.

When we are called to stay up way too late giving comfort to a friend, that’s a Spiritual choice.  When we are asked to stay late at work rather than getting home to our families, that’s a Spiritual choice.  When we are asked to give up vacation time to go looking for an internet connection to post a blog, that’s a Spiritual choice.

How often, when we make a Spiritual choice with our own needs and desires first do we honestly regret making the choice?  How often when we trust in our hearts, do we honestly regret making the choice?

Honestly, I don’t regret not posting or not looking harder for an internet connection.  I do regret the amount of energy I’ve put into feeling guilty about the choice I’ve made.  I do regret worrying about what anyone reading this blog might think about my dependability.

That’s shame and frankly I don’t think it’s worth it.  So if you all please be kind and keep reading,  I’ll be kind to myself and let the shame go.  I’ll post this blog today and another on Monday and simply keep moving on.

Thank you!


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