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We are fast approaching the equinox, the beginning of spring.  In Minneapolis this is generally a celebration involving getting the seeds started, indoors.  It might even still be a little early.  More often than not there is snow on the ground from the latest big blizzard.  It’s a good two months before it’s “safe” to put the tomatoes in outside.


This year we have just gotten through a week of temps in the upper 70’s F.  Things are blossoming and budding a month ahead of “normal.”  Not that we don’t occasionally see a warm day in March, or an early spring.  But in the 51 years I’ve lived here, most of which I remember, I’ve never seen a spring like this one.

It is not unusual, given our weather extremes, to have a significant frost weeks after it appears the warmth of spring is here to stay.  With the growth so fast and so far ahead I can’t help but wonder what the impact of a killing frost might be on these young buds.

Soon to be apple blossoms.

Most of our natives can handle that kind of climate abuse.  The dandelion will spring forth again, as will the chives and the bulbs.  The bulbs may not blossom, but they will be back next year.  The lilacs may only see one blooming if they are hit with frost, a short season.  The apple tree will certainly survive, but will there be fruit?

Sticking out your neck, or your buds, is a risky business. Even if the early warmth holds the season may also have flooding or drought.  There may be huge and unseasonable storms, like the tornadoes we’ve already seen this year in the heartland.  Winter may come as early as the spring, so the seeds and fruits from this early bloom may not see there way to harvest.  Anything could happen!


I’ve buried the lead here.  I’ve stuck my neck out.  I’ve written a book and sent it off to a publisher, where it has been accepted.  WOW!  YEAH!  Spring blossoms forth!

Contracts are being discussed, distribution is being debated.  There will be editing and formatting and cover art that I may have an opinion about, but no control.  Months from now,  maybe even next year, the book will hit the market and the public may choose to partake of the fruits of my labors, or not.

Lilac greening

In the meantime, I have to get used to the idea of calling myself an author.  I guess that’s a little different than a writer.  It sure feels that way.

Best wishes for a fruitful harvest from this brilliant and early spring!


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