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november calendar 2013This past week was my “catch-up” week from the whirlwind that was October.  The last of the Samhain celebrations is over.  The next round of medical check-ups hasn’t started.  The holidays are still weeks away. (Thank goodness for a late Thanksgiving!)

The problem is that my “catch-up” week did not include quite enough catching up on the actual physical plane.  I did catch-up on my sleep (finally).  I got my refrigerator emptied of all those mystery plastic containers.  I made some soup, and some more soup and stashed some broth away in the freezer.  I read a book.  I even went to the movies!

I still haven’t finished unpacking.  Seriously, I still have camping dishes on my table from August, laundry in my living room from September and my suitcase from October is in front of the fireplace rather than put away in the closet.  I unpacked the things that HAD to be unpacked and abandoned the rest.

The stack of library books I've mostly not read

The stack of library books I’ve mostly not read

The library is not loving me.  I’ve stopped looking at my library page and am deleting the “important notice” emails.  I know all those books are overdue.  I know that the books I renewed in October have no renewals left.  I know I haven’t been to the library in a month and several “on hold” books have been returned to the stacks.  I’ll get to it, honest.  Just as soon as I write reviews for lisaspiralreads.  Well, I could return the half-dozen I haven’t even cracked open yet…..

I haven’t arranged to have the driveway plowed this winter.  I have to do this or Orion can’t get on the bus.  I haven’t raked leaves over the garden beds to keep them cozy warm (in case it doesn’t snow) until next spring.  I haven’t added fuel additive to the mower/tractor thing sitting out back under a tarp because I don’t have room for it to winter in the garage.

We have had a little snow, but luckily so far none of it has stayed.

We have had a little snow, but luckily so far none of it has stayed.

I’ve been saying for a month that I needed an extra two weeks in October.  I’m not on top of my game, but I’m ready for November.  How can it already be halfway gone?


100_4582Several of you noticed that I accidentally posted a review for my other blog lisaspiralreads here.  The two blogs are both under my WordPress account and I was flipping back and forth and onto my desktop and who knows where and apparently lost track of where I was posting.    I’ve acquired a few new followers because of it.  Welcome!

I did (briefly) consider counting that as my post for this week.  But I really wanted it to count on the other blog.  Lisaspiralreads is a challenge to myself.  I made what I suppose was a New Year’s Resolution to review 50 books over the course of the year.   I don’t think I would have picked White Horse as representative of either blog.

I read a lot, and quite a wide variety.   I don’t review every book I read.  I tend to wait for a series to be fully published before I start in and read the whole thing through.  Why review every book when I’m reading the series?  I don’t review every trashy romance novel I read.  I don’t review the books I get bored with and never finish.  (Because it’s rude to review a book you can’t even get through?)

Guess which 4 get added to the stack today?

Guess which 4 get added to the stack today?

It’s been a really interesting challenge.  I’ve found myself reading more non-fiction than usual.  I’ll pick up a lot of non-fiction, but usually I’ll read a few chapters and skim the rest.  I’ve found myself more open to suggestions.  I’ve read books that I’ve come across reading many of your blogs.  Most of my books come from the library, so I’m going more regularly.

My my library system allows me to maintain a list of books on request.  When they become available I get an email and I can just drop in and pick up a stack.  There are many of us who are “regulars” in the request shelves.  One of those “regulars” is often about 2 number markers down from me, and often on the same shelf.  I browse their waiting books like I read your blogs, just to see what’s new.

Sometimes I'll sit by the windows and just read.

Sometimes I’ll sit by the windows and just read.

This library user probably got my attention because they had books I’d ordered in their slot.  Since I don’t really remember my number I often find my books by title, and then confirm the last few digits rather than actually finding my spot.  I figured if they liked some of the books I like, I might enjoy some of the books they like.  I’ll often check out what’s waiting for them and then stop at a terminal to log in and add myself to the waiting list.

I don’t know if this person is a man or a woman.  I have never seen them and there’s no way the library is going to give me a name.  Still I feel like I have a relationship.  A reading buddy, like a blogging buddy.  Someday I hope we’re at the library at the same time.  It would be Kismet.

Or in the winter appreciate the view from a warm perch.

Or in the winter appreciate the view from a warm perch.

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