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resized_20161231_190721It’s a New Year!

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions for a lot of reasons.  The biggest is that I don’t keep them, so why make them.  Not that I object to having goals and dreams, but that success builds on success.

I’m much happier with big dreams and small achievable goals than with the notion of creating a resolution for change at a time of year when I’m already reeling.  I find it difficult to start something new at the same time that I’m trying to re-coop – (physically and financially) from the holiday hoopla.

This particular year, this particular “cultural transition” from 2016 to 2017 has been filled with a lot of public angst.  The notion that 2016 was “so bad” that 2017 “has to be better”.   I’ve always been reluctant to tempt fate that way.

There’s a lot of fear going into 2017.  I’ve written about a shift in tone in human interactions.  I’ve talked about the disenfranchised who feel particularly targeted and threatened by the new political climate.  I’ve got personal fears as well, with aging parents and tightening purse strings.  My “safety nets” are not what they used to be.

Our host with a wonderful root vegetable bisque

Our host with a wonderful root vegetable bisque

Sometimes I think I talk because I need to hear what I am saying.   I talk (and write) a lot about practicing gratitude to fight depression.  Fortunately I got to spend New Years Eve with some lovely people who chose to apply that practice.

It was an event designed to set the tone for 2017.  The dinner guests were chosen specifically to suit our host’s preferences.  No one was there “just because”.   The decor was elegant, the food abundant, exotic, and heart warmingly delicious, and the atmosphere both festive and a little nostalgic.  There was warmth and laughter and acceptance and I was grateful to be included.

When the champagne was poured we went around the table and each had to talk about something wonderful that happened for them in 2016.  There were several people who had milestone moments that they could point to.  A few of the guests spoke of unexpected opportunities that had become available to them.  Clearly, Facebook memes aside, not everyone had a horrible year.

I didn’t have a “horrible” year either, but I did have a really difficult time finding something to be grateful for.  Then I stopped going over the events of the year that I recalled (most of which were attached in some way to a funeral) and looked at the room.

The chef extrodinaire (and my daughter :)  )

The chef extrodinaire (and my daughter 🙂 )

I got to have a night out.   I got to have a few days without Orion in tow.   I got to have a beautiful fancy dinner that I didn’t have to pay for.  I got to have an opportunity to dig up the dress-up clothes.   I got to reconnect with a friend (our host) and acknowledge that connection with hope to deepen our relationship in the future.  I got to have fun.   I got to be in the room.

Then I looked back at the year at all the other friends I’ve connected with.  I looked at the new friendships I’ve worked at strengthening.  I looked at all the “rooms” where I’ve had the privilege of being included.  There have been a lot.  Even those funerals provided opportunities for me to reconnect.

This is what I’m grateful for and what I hope to find more of in 2017.  Connection.

Desert - a butterscotch silk with sparkles.   Hope 2017 sparkles as well.

Desert – a butterscotch silk with sparkles. Hope 2017 sparkles as well.

Happy New Year!


I had the beginnings of a lovely posting set to go out on Monday 2 January, 2012.    But……….

New Years Eve day I was quietly sitting watching a British BBC  production (White’s) on my laptop.  I was juggling my breakfast, a large cup of tea, and keeping an eye on Orion eating his breakfast.

Something happened.

At this point I don’t remember if it was the phone chiming in with a text message, or Orion asking a question, or a timer going off in the kitchen.  It could have been any or none of those things.  It could have been the cat jumping up or a cramp in my leg.  Whatever it was, I moved.

And the entire world shifted.

The end result was that pretty much the entire cup of tea ended up poured over the laptop keyboard.  Crash!

So you are getting a post with no pictures, no editing and very little prep. because I no longer have a functional computer.

The nice people at the Apple store started quoting me prices on water damage repair that started at $750 with no guarantee of success.  Since I don’t  have anything backed up externally (I know and I’m crying) any repair could require dumping all the data unless I paid additionally to back it up before they sent it in to the shop.  Given what the tech had already seen I needed a new board, a new box and if there was anything else the repair shop would probably deem the computer a total loss.

Theoretically they could do the data transfer on site before they sent the computer into the shop.  In order for that to happen I would need to purchase a remote hard-drive.  Additionally I would pay the data transfer fee, cover the costs of anything extraordinary needed to transfer the data, and of course the inevitable sales taxes.  I quickly began to see the costs of repair as nearly equivalent to starting over with a brand new machine (with a brand new warranty.)

Sadly, I did not receive $1500 in holiday loot.  (Didn’t expect to.  I thought $50 was nice.)  So I am starting the New Year with an unanticipated debt and hopefully a new computer with all of my old data.  There is still no guarantee that the data will transfer uncorrupted as the old machine is severely corroded internally.

I am asking for prayers and good wishes that by the end of the week I might be up and running again.  I have photos and files on that old machine that I would really, really hate to lose.

May Hermes, God of Communication (and in this era electronic data), look kindly upon all of us in 2012.


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