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These haven't been out of the box since I tried them on a year ago.  (Two years ago?)

These haven’t been out of the box since I tried them on a year ago. (Two years ago?)

You didn’t think I meant exercise did you?  More appointments today, more all week.  I was up at 5:30 this morning and we still were rushing to get out the door.  We would have been on time for our 8:30 appointment but there was road construction.   On a day when the North wind is blowing and the temps are below freezing it seems wrong to be waylaid by our second season (winter and road construction).

Gandalf is hanging in there.  I can’t tell if he’s perked up or if he’s just upset that I’ve been gone so much.  I’m hoping he’s going to be willing to eat something today, he hasn’t all weekend.

Tax day is tomorrow.  I’ve managed to get as far as sending a note to the accountant to ask him to file an extension.  That counts right?  Thing is that once the deadline moves it becomes just as easy to keep putting it off.

This is Gandalf last week.  He's not looking THIS good.

This is Gandalf last week. He’s not looking THIS good.

One day at a time, one appointment at a time, one mess at a time.  And squeezing in a little blog post during my rest breaks in between.   What I really want is a good nap, but I’m not going to get one today!  I have to put away groceries!



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