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We’re getting the spring greening early, but now I’m starting to see the colors coming as well.   It’s been so lovely Orion and I took a walk to get his haircut.  (We usually drive.)  Quite the adventure.



I had the opportunity to notice the flowers are starting to bloom.  My hyacinths popped as promised.  (So has the little bleeding heart.)  The magnolia at the end of the neighborhood is blooming.  (I know that seems late for those of you who live in places where magnolias are native.  But they are a light-sensitive bloomer and we finally have enough!)

The utility companies are planting in living color!

The utility companies are planting in living color!

Unfortunately those aren’t the only colors that have started popping up!   It looks like there will be a lot of sewer repair.  I’ve run into cones on the highways as well.  The second season (road construction) is also getting an early start this year.

I took Orion and his new haircut to the hardware store to look at paint.  Another way to procrastinate is to get ahead of yourself.  I don’t have a contractor yet.  I don’t have the loan I need from the bank.  But I’m looking at colors and cabinets.  It’s just more fun!

Orion with his summer haircut and "possibilities".

Orion with his summer haircut and “possibilities”.



12969427_1087938171226430_1176227532_nThere’s a blog that’s been spinning around in my head for the past week.  It just won’t seem to come out.  I’ve had time to work at it, and have found plenty of other things to do instead.   I have tried to make it coalesce in my head, and have found myself dozing in my chair.

Now it’s Monday and I’ve got, nothing.  The problem with procrastination is that it adds stress to what’s usually already a stressful situation.  It anticipates things will get easier, but there is no basis in empiric evidence.

I’ve been putting off getting Orion a haircut.  I keep thinking it will be nice enough to walk.  Then it snows.  This week there are temps predicted in the 70’s.  (There are also temps predicted in the 30’s).  If I wait, will that happen on the day when I have time?  Will I feel up to it physically?  Will I have overbooked myself?

I’m trying to get through my list of things “to do” without putting things off so long.  Inevitably something slips through.  I don’t get enough sleep and something falls off the list.  I get stuck in traffic and time runs short.  I am faced with something that HAS to be done RIGHT NOW and so the thing that’s been put off gets put off again.

What happens the most often is that I just plain forget.  I get so used to putting something off that it not only drops off the list, it drops off my radar.  This week that was Orion’s weekend program.  Orion at Samba

He loves going on Weekend Ventures.  They’ve changed their notification system for registering.  I no longer have a piece of paper lying around that I have to keep moving (and therefore am continually reminded).  I get an email and in less than a day it’s no longer on my screen.  Out of sight, out of mind.  I didn’t do it IMMEDIATELY and now I hope I’m not too late!


Remember, it could be worse!

Remember, it could be worse!

You might recall last Monday when I thought I had too much to do and not enough time to do it?  Today is the day.  I have rearranged my schedule to be a little more comfortable.  One of the things I didn’t move was a trip to the dentist.

I’m not one of those people who fears going to the dentist.  I’ve got a pretty high pain tolerance and have been fortunate in the people who’ve worked on my mouth.  In spite of all that I don’t want to go.

This is all about “I Don’t Wanna”.   The appointment is for a cleaning.  No drama, no pain, just a sparkling smile at the end of the day.  I’m spending the morning pouting and dragging my feet.

I have no excuses.  I can pretend it’s because it’s a rainy day.  I can pretend it’s because Orion’s bus was late.  I can stand in solidarity with France.  That’s not what this is about.  This is about having to adult.

We all have moments when we just don’t want to have to be the grown-up.  Adulthood is not everything we dreamed it would be when we were kids.  Yes we can eat when we want to, if we can afford it, cook it, and clean up after it.  Yes we can stay up as long as we want, and drag ourselves to work the next day, and sometimes the day after because “catching up” isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Thing is, we have also learned that it takes more effort to whine and fuss than it does to just do the thing.   Get it over with and move on.  Put a carrot (or a donut, or a good cup of coffee, or a cocktail) at the end of getting it done.  We KNOW this, but it doesn’t always show in our actions.

Peace Around The World

Peace Around The World

So I’ll go to the dentist and get on with the rest of my day.  I’ll be grateful for a clean fresh mouth.  I’ll try to stay focused on the things I like about getting up and on with my day.  I’ll remember how nice it is to run my tongue over smooth clean teeth.  I’ll think about what I might like for a treat.

I’ll get over my “I Don’t Wanna”, and I’ll be pretty quick about it.  At least until the next one shows up.   (Have you started addressing those Christmas cards?)

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