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There's always something going on in my neighborhood

There’s always something going on in my neighborhood

Those who are regular readers know that I have Karina staying with me unexpectedly this month.  With Karina comes her dog, Minnie.  There is a difference between “babysitting” for a weekend and having the dog come to live with you.  I’m learning a lot.

One of the things I find interesting is how much I struggle with Mom vs Grandma.  When I talk to Minnie about Karina, it’s Mom.  When I talk to Minnie about me I stumble.  I’ve still got Orion and I don’t have grandchildren (beyond the dog).   I think I’m ready to be a grandma. (I’m not sure I’m ready for Karina to be a mom, and with Orion all bets are off.)  But I clearly don’t think of myself that way.  I wonder how many other people struggle with the words during that transition?



The other part of that is “Whose the Boss?”.  Karina is gone, a lot.  I’m home, in my house.  On their own, Minnie would spend that time in her kennel.  Here, since I’m moving about, that’s just not fair.  So I have Minnie for much of the day, but she’s not my “responsibility”.  That might be fine if she was a plant.

As it is, Minnie and I are constantly interacting.  She wants to go out, her food bowl is empty, it’s hot and she needs water.  She wants to play, she wants to cuddle, she wants to jump into my lap and jump out and jump back in.  When I’m in the kitchen, or doing anything else, she’s under-foot.  Even when she’s quiet, her presence napping on the couch while I type makes the atmosphere different than when she’s not around.



This weekend Karina spent some time in her room binging on The Lord of the Rings movies.  Minnie, of course was with her.  It occurred to me more than once to look up and wonder about where the dog was, and what she was getting into.  I think I’ll miss them both when they go.

This morning I took Minnie for a walk.  She’d spent a lot of the time in the kennel this weekend.  She was really hyper and needed some exercise. It’s not my job to take the dog for a walk.  I spent a lot of time not doing anything productive this weekend.  I needed some exercise enough to notice that I hadn’t been getting any.  The fact of the matter is that the walk was for me, but I wouldn’t have taken it without the dog.

quiet is nice

quiet is nice

It’s probably good to be doing this transition with a puppy rather than a baby.  The “stepping on toes” doesn’t hurt quite as much this way.  If Minnie was a baby, Karina would want to know when, what and how much she was eating (and what was coming out the other end.)  Do I really have to tell her that I sneak Minnie bacon at breakfast?




The Polaroid when I started at Gilda's in June 2014.  I finally made them take a new one.

The Polaroid when I started at Gilda’s in June 2014. I finally made them take a new one.

A friend at Gilda’s club asked me if I planned to have a big party when I hit my goal weight.  It hadn’t occurred to me at all, so I gave it a moment’s thought.  No, I could take or leave a big party.  What I’d really like to do is travel.  I want to go somewhere and do something fun.  Like go dancing, or take a hike in the mountains or something I haven’t been able to do for years.   Maybe New Orleans, maybe Italy, maybe my dream trip taking the train across Australia.

It’s fun to dream about travel, even when coming up with the money seems impossible.  But it’s travel season.  The stores are stocked with “sale on cruise wear” for people who stayed through the holidays and want to get out of the cold now that family obligations have been met.  This month the tags on my car and my drivers license need to be renewed.  Maybe I should take a look at my passport while I’m at it.

She really is sweet, when she's sweet.

She really is sweet, when she’s sweet.

Karina was off on a short trip, not too far from home, this weekend.  This means I had Miss Minnie.  She looks sweet and adorable all cuddled up in a blanket on the couch.  That’s because she’s all worn out from running away from me every chance she got!

Pantheacon is coming up again in San Jose.  I’m trying to get all packed, making lists and making arrangements for Orion.  I’m excited about doing another workshop this year.   This one is about mobility issues and energy management.  I think I could use a refresher!

Here's me and Jesse before.  He's got big ideas!

Here’s me and Jesse before. He’s got big ideas!

I’m fighting anemia while I’m trying to pull this all together.  My brain doesn’t work at 100% and I get “the dizzy”.   The extra doctor appointments haven’t helped either.  I start every one of them with, “You need to understand that I AM getting on a plane.”  It’s all about managing the blood thinners and continuing to dissolve the DVT without setting off a thrombosis.

To give myself a boost I made Karina make me an appointment with her fancy hair dresser.  Jesse at Hair Police is a dear.   He was very sweet, fussed over me, didn’t mind that I am incapable of making any decisions about my hair and I think he did a nice job.  It certainly brightened my mood.  It will also look a lot better in California!

It took me a minute, but I do like it.

It took me a minute, but I do like it.

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