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White car in the storm

White car in the storm

Sparkles tinkling in the headlight beams

Falling in clumps from overburdened branches


Drifting in biting breezes

not too high yet

not too high yet

Plowed with dirt and grass ready to trap the unsuspecting traveler

Blown in furrows an orchestra of engines up and down the driveways

Toddlers in a circle tossing handfuls up to fall again100_4095

Packed as gentle weapons in a war of laughter

Snowman Karina Dylan and DavisSculpted into fat round men glistening in the sunlight

Cold damp kisses on eyelashes and tongues

Winter’s cloak of glory

icicles under the rain barrel

icicles under the rain barrel

The season’s first snow100_4103

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