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I do believe in omens.  That might need a little clarification.  I’m not talking about the kind of belief that comes out of reading a book.  The owl in the night may not signal the death of anything more than a field mouse.  The bird in the house may be the visitor himself.  A black cat crossing my path is more likely to bring a smile than a worry about impending doom.   

I believe in synchronicity, things going right, falling into place, as an indication that I am doing the work that I need to be doing.  It’s like getting confirmation that I’m going along appropriately on my Spiritual path.  I see synchronicity as encouragement to take a risk or to agree to something without worrying too much about the details.

The other side of the coin can also be true.  When it becomes exceptionally difficult to get somewhere I begin to wonder if I should even be going.  When it becomes extravagantly expensive (hidden costs revealed right and left) I question buying in.  Resistance doesn’t necessarily stop me from doing something, but it often brings the value of the action into question.  Is what I am doing, what I hope to achieve, really worth it?

So, the omens:

The city tagged one of my trees with Dutch Elm and when the tree service came out to take care of it they broke the equipment to grind the stump.

I came down with a nasty seasonal cold the same week I had a business meeting, a presentation and several small jobs with deadlines.

The water heater died Friday morning.  Diagnosis didn’t happen until afternoon – too late to repair that day and planning to be away at a conference most of the weekend.

The “Check Engine” light came on in the car.  Apparently something is out of alignment and it’s making noises like it needs new brakes or maybe a bearing.

And the other side of the story:

The tree guys were half the price of any other bid and were out the next day with the equipment fixed to finish the job.

The cold never become deadly, I had plenty of tea and OTC medicine in the house, and I got to bed at a reasonable time all week.

The side jobs really were small and easy, the business meeting was with good friends and gave me some good leads and the presentation was extraordinarily well received.

The water heater is over 10 years old and I’ve known it was going to need replacing soon for at least the last 2 years.

The car has 250,000 miles on it and I’ll probably drive it into the ground before I put any more money into keeping it going.

Additionally, I have help paying for both the tree and the water heater.  My son is staying at his Dad’s where he can get a bath.  I have a lot of big pots for heating water.

I have learned that it takes a lot of gallons of water to fill up a bathtub.  But that a bath, even when the tub isn’t full, that required hauling the water yourself is worthy of a good soak.  There is something very rewarding about climbing into a tub after doing that much work to prepare the bath.

I have learned that when I really need money it usually becomes available, either through extra work or extra assistance.  Did I mention I won $25 in a drawing through one of my little side jobs?  My work in this life isn’t about dealing with money.  If I am simply contentious rather than careless things fall into place.  Synchronicity happens.

I have learned that omens can be useful markers.  But in and of themselves they don’t really tell me anything.  They are just a reminder to check my point of view and pay a little more attention to the choices I’m making.

Now lets cross the fingers and hope the new water heater gets installed without a hitch!

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