StateLibQld_1_149175_Railway_carriages_derailed_at_Gillen_Siding_on_the_Mount_Perry_branch_line,_1924We’ve all had those days when as Robert Burns so aptly said “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men, gang aft agley”.   Sometimes it’s a whole week like that.  March has been that kind of a month.

Synchronicity is that thing that happens when all is right with the world and everything falls into place just as it should.  Sometimes when plans go awry it is because synchronicity happens.  Whatever I was planning wasn’t as fun, important or rewarding as what the shift in plans brings.  For me, these usually involve avoiding a chore.

In March I was settling in for an evening with nothing on tv and no promising books to read when I got a call from an old friend I’d not heard from for months.  I was going to get some writing done and a friend stopped by and we stayed talking, catching up, for hours longer than a quick visit.  I was going to do laundry but Karina needed me to be Mom and listen to her rant about the crazy in her life.   “Oh well, it was meant to be.”  “It’s a good thing I hadn’t really started yet.” “I’m so glad this opportunity came along.”  Synchronicity.

Then there are those times when it seems we can’t do anything right.  I had a few of those too.  Days when I would wake up with good intentions only to check Facebook and disappear down the Tube of You until it was too late to run errands.  Days when the phone wouldn’t stop ringing with calls from telemarketers, appointment reminders, and the I don’t have anything to say so I thought I’d call you friends.  These days are kind of the opposite of synchronicity.  They are the days when I know I am fighting my alignment with the universe.  I could get on track and do what I need to do, if only I’d get my head out of the sand.Unknown

I’ve had a couple of no good, horrible, very bad days (maybe I should have moved to Australia with Alexander).  The worst one included misplacing my best serving trays which I’d promised on load for the weekend, not being able to find my fondue pot which I needed for a dinner party that night, driving to 4 thrift stores and finding several trays but no fondue pots, hearing from the woman I was borrowing a second fondue pot from that she was sick and wasn’t coming, dropping the bottle of wine I had bought special on the tile floor and breaking it in the bag of everything else I had packed for the evening, the toilet backing up, finding my fondue pot had been sitting under a drip in the ceiling for what looked like a century……..    In the end it all turned out just fine.  The dinner party was with my best girl friends and they were happy just to be together.  The trays were eventually found.  I managed to borrow all the fondue pots I needed from another friend in the nick of time.

Unknown-1But apparently I’m not done being derailed.  I had several ideas for my Monday blog this week.  I spent the weekend off in the woods of Wisconsin.  Packed my camera.  Never took it out of the bag.  I played with the dogs.  Watched a very smart turkey grab the branches of saplings and bushes and let them go sprong so that all the seeds and new buds would fall on the snow for him to eat.  Had a delightful relaxing time.  But not anything to write about (except the turkey) and no photos.

I have been thinking for a week about an article in response to some things I’ve been reading in the blogosphere.  An article that is ripe for controversy and needs to be carefully crafted to actually say what I mean.  An article requiring a block of uninterrupted quiet in order to write it.  Of course Orion was home sick yesterday.  Derailed again.

I’m looking forward to April.  Do you think I’ll manage to get past the 1st?

About lisaspiral

I've been writing and speaking about spirituality to small groups for years and am looking to expand my horizons. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to expand yours as well.

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  1. I hope April is better to you and I’m looking forward to this new post you’re contemplating. When one stews in our minds for a few days, it is usually a great post.

  2. It can be challenging when things aren’t going “in the flow”, can’t it? I sympathize, Lisa. Have been feeling that way myself the last couple of days. It must be awful if it feels like it’s been a month of it. Am convinced that April will be better for ALL of us. You can cast a spell to make sure it is. 🙂

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